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Uncontested Divorce

You both decided to call it quits whether a marital divorce or a relationship with children and want to do it amicably.

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What you need to know about Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce.

You both decided to call it quits whether a marital divorce or a relationship with children and want to do it amicably.

Parties to a divorce that are in agreement on most items believe they can draft their agreements and it is easy.

From our professional experience, don’t!

Have you taken classes on how to draft legal documents? Do you understand what the courts are looking for? Do you know the correct questions are to ask and what needs to be written in the agreements for clarity.

We have seen many agreements pass through our practice over the years. The ones that were drafted by attorneys and mediators generally are clear, without holes. Agreements that have been drafted by the parties have been unclear, filled with loopholes causing more conflict than eliminates or reduces conflict. We call them Swiss cheese agreements.

What you don’t know may impact you, your ex or your children negatively.

We get between the parties literally and figuratively to resolve the issues leading to a completely resolved divorce mediation. For example, at 36 months of marriage, the parties must have a discussion about spousal maintenance formerly called alimony.

We facilitate the conversation by inputting the gross monthly incomes of the parties into the spousal maintenance calculator made for Colorado. We begin the discussion with the amount that the calculator has provided and go from there. How long would you like to have the maintenance in duration, in monthly obligation, what day of the month would you like to pay it, receive it? Would you like to have it contractually modifiable, or not? We ask how you would like to have it resolved.

Many times a party is returning to work, after a long absence. Their income is potentially on the rise. It may be a good idea to talk about a modifiable maintenance award. It may be done in an annual, semi-annual or other targets that are met and explained in the agreements.

This is only one of the ways we assist with the tough conversations that an uncontested divorce goes through. The options that we generate are very helpful in providing clarity in what you need to resolve your situation.

Ultimately, parties that are seeking uncontested divorces are typically seeking a fair, equitable outcome. We provide that in spades.

Call us to find out how we can help your situation, at very reasonable rates.

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