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At SB Mediation, LLC, we want to help you save your children from the pain of divorce.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality divorce mediation and resolution services through skills and processes that support people constructively handling conflict. We offer a safe environment to enable productive conversations that empower and facilitate a higher level of thinking to allow a change in how the parties approach their conflict.

Our methods and strategies with includes Divorce Arbitration can help get you AND your children through the divorce without the fighting and painful struggles. Don’t let the stigmas associated with divorce preclude you from a peaceful resolution. Let us show you how.


No one plans on divorce when getting married. Yet, each year there are more than 630,000 divorces filed across the United States.

Divorce is one of the most emotionally charged legal processes to go through, often leading to a breakdown in communication between couples, and in some cases, even retaliation.

Divorce mediation services can help Denver residents navigate through their divorce in a way that helps find common ground between parties and sets the stage for a path forward.

Divorce Mediation Benefits:


Mediation is an informal process where each party in the divorce meet independently and together with a mediator in order to find amicable solutions to issues regarding the terms of the divorce. Mediation is an often-favored alternative to a formal court process, often being significantly less expensive and less stressful. 

Whereas divorce court and hearings can be abrasive, aggressive, and confrontational, divorce mediation services take a softer, less formal, and respectful approach where the needs and wants of both parties are acknowledged and addressed. 

In some cases, court-ordered mediation may be prescribed as a better path toward resolution.

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Throughout the process of mediation, a divorce mediator is an individual who is on neither person’s side. They are a completely neutral party, who offers unbiased advice and guidance throughout the divorce settlement process.

The Role of a Divorce Mediator

The primary role of a divorce mediator is to make the transition from married live to divorced a smooth one. Your mediator will help overcome challenging obstacles, and address complex divorce related issues in a way that is fair and equitable for both parties. Throughout the divorce process, your mediator will also host mediation sessions individually with each party, as well as together.

How To Get Started With Mediation

To get started with mediation follow these steps.

  • Speak with your partner and make sure that both parties agree to mediation. Mediation cannot happen without both parties agreeing to mediation as a mediator does not represent one person over the other.

  • Discuss and select a reliable Denver Divorce Mediator.

  • Call us 720-295-8224 or email us to request a consultation.

  • A small deposit is required per person.

  • Sessions are pay as you go hourly with a 2 hour minimum.

Tips for a Successful Divorce Mediation

Once you have made the decision to begin the divorce process, you can take the lead and talk about dissolving the marriage. Make the discussion very calm, non-blaming, and speak from the heart. Even though you’ve been thinking about this for longer than your spouse, deliver the message clearly and gently. We always encourage parties at the mediation table to use the pronoun I when speaking to each other. This is extremely helpful in keeping the blame game out of the discussion.

Even though you have thought about what you want to say. It still will be difficult.

Once you deliver the message the other party will have a whole range of emotions. Hold your ground firmly and gently. Once you have shared your plans for divorce, it is important to let your spouse collect their emotions as this can have a significant impact. That could take a few minutes or a few days. However long that takes, you must give them space breathe and digest the information they have received.

When the time is right, circle back around to your spouse to discuss options that should be less damaging and/or painful, like divorce mediation.

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What Types of Issues Does a Divorce Mediator Handle?

The role of a divorce mediator is a nuanced one, with professional mediators trained to handle a broad range of issues common in divorce negotiations and settlements. The goal is to avoid having to go through the court system using a lawyer, resulting in increased costs, stress, and publicity (everything in court is public record). As an alternative to a litigated divorce, your mediator will take you through a structured but less formal set of mediation sessions.

Common Issues Addressed By Divorce Mediators Include:

  • Division of marital property

  • Division of finances and financial accounts

  • Parenting plans

  • Visitation and/or custody of children

  • Child support Spousal support

  • Sale of a mutual home

  • Corporate tax returns

  • Asset allocation

  • Dividing up interest in a business

  • Dividing up retirement accounts

  • Timelines

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Find A Denver Divorce Mediator

From the onset, divorce mediation is a collaborative process where a trained neutral mediator works with both parties and guides them through the process of divorce. Divorce does not have to be ugly.

  • Reducing conflict
  • Providing solutions
  • Coming to agreements you can live withDenver 

Getting assistance for a Peaceful Divorce Resolution

In order for us to assist you in a peaceful resolution please talk to each other, agree to mediation, and contact SB Mediation, LLC via email at It, typically, works best when you discuss the mediation with each other, then both reach out to us via email.


Divorce mediation is a neutral party that does not represent either person. The mediator acts to encourage a mutual agreement between the two parties. Many times, mediation can lead to a faster resolution for your divorce than arguing through attorneys which can be expensive and lengthy.  Divorce mediators are also extremely helpful to create a parenting plan if children are involved the mediator will represent the best interest of the child or children in all cases.

Benefits of Using A Divorce Mediator

Cost Effective

We are here to provide quality, fair divorce mediation services. During this time of national crisis, we have reduced our rates to make mediation available to you and your family.

We are even offing virtual mediation, if needed, while we continue to protect ourselves and our families from COVID-19. We have flexible scheduling to meet your needs in a time of uncertainty.

Start the path to resolution; our current rate is $99 an hour per party with a $250 deposit required for each party. Mediation is far less expensive than pricy divorce attorneys. Keep more of your money and your sanity with SB Mediation, LLC.


We encourage a time-sensitive approach to the mediation process without rushing anyone through it. Typically, less than ten hours of mediation is needed for a complete dissolution of marriage. Less if we are only mediating an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities.


We wholeheartedly believe it is fundamentally important to be fully informed when making life-altering decisions that affect you but, more importantly, your family. This is called informed consent.

When going through the mediation process, each party will make little agreements that move negotiations forward. We want everyone to understand making decisions is an important part of the process. Our goal is to use your time and resources wisely to reach agreement that you both can live with.

In our practice, the role of divorce mediator is to work with BOTH parties throughout the entire process. Mediator bias is especially important to us. We encourage both parties to communicate with us jointly (telephone, in person meeting, or via email). Transparency and patience are crucial to this process.


What is the Divorce Mediation Process Like?

Unlike court, one of the appeals of divorce mediation is that despite having a formal structure, it is a more casual process to go through. This collaborative divorce process is guided by professionals trained and skilled in conflict resolution and negotiation. At the beginning of the mediation process, the divorce mediator will make an opening statement to ensure both parties are aware of the overall goals of each stage/step, and the rules of engagement. 

The mediator will act as a type of Switzerland, completely neutral third party, with an overreaching goal of getting both parties to see the other sides’ argument through a clear lens. 

In doing so, the mediator will work with both parties individually, and then together, to find amicable resolutions that meet ideally in the middle. 

Each issue is addressed independently of the others, allowing the parties involved to focus on one single issue at a time without the rest clouding the waters of good judgement. If we hit a roadblock, your mediator will meet with each party individually as many times as is necessary to flesh out ideas, and come up with alternative resolutions until we can get past it. 

Working together towards common goals, and compromises that are amenable to both parties, is what a divorce mediator does best. Once a settlement is reached, a settlement document is drafted based on the agreed-upon terms. This agreement is legally binding once signed by both parties.


Sometimes referred to as a marital settlement agreement, the end of a successful mediation process results in a divorce settlement agreement. This agreement is the final step in the divorce process, tying up any loose ends and establishing legally binding terms both parties must adhere to. Although the goal is to resolve ALL issues involved in your divorce, that isn’t always the case. However, any issue resolved through mediation can be signed and agreed to independently of any other issues that are unresolvable outside of court.



Society is beginning to return to some kind of normal. However, lots of us are still quarantined at home. If you have decided you want a divorce, the additional burden of quarantine has probably put more strain on an already difficult and uncomfortable situation.

Don’t let the discomfort and strain fester because it can turn into contempt. Attempting to mediate parties that have contempt for the other makes it much more difficult to mediate, and far less cost-effective. However, it is still possible to reach a resolution. Rest assured; we do not advocate for divorce. We are here to advocate for reasonable outcomes through Denver divorce mediation once you and your spouse have decided to divorce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, our divorce mediations do not bill for more than $3500. Divorce mediation cost varies based on the level of disagreement, finances complexities, and same room or shuttle mediation.

In almost every county in Colorado mediation is required for a divorce. The court’s hope is to have a peaceful negotiation and agreement wherever possible.

Finalizing a divorce depends on when you file your documents. When the courts receive the filing, if you have resolved all of the disputes and are in agreement, the divorce if final 91 days later.

Usually the cost of mediation is split between both parties and can be divided based upon each party’s income, pro rata.

To prepare for divorce mediation you should have a list of your finances and assets that will be negotiated including and an idea of the parenting plan you would like. When each party comes to mediation with a suggested parenting plan it is often easier to negotiate a peaceful compromise.

Divorce mediation is typically under 3 months with assets and children and can be mediated more quickly without children.

Most of the counties in Colorado require divorce mediation. However, the court can waive that if there is a valid reason for not meditating such as domestic violence.

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