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Discover our award-winning divorce mediation services.
Whether in the middle of a divorce, or child custody dispute, we can help you and your family find balance and fairness.

Award-Winning Divorce Mediation Services Near Me

Now that you’ve decided on divorce, We are here to help you and your children avoid the unnecessary pain of a poorly managed divorce.
As the Founder of SB Mediation Center, I understand what you are going through! During my parent's divorce, my sister and I were stuck in the middle of their conflict. My own marriage took SEVENTEEN months to dissolve, due to ever increasing conflicts and an unorganized and poorly planned separation.

We have many insightful strategies and tools to help you with:

With our guidance, we CAN stop the ever increasing conflicts that are an inevitable part of your family’s dissolution. Let us help you stop the pain, and move forward to an amiable and equitable resolution.

Private Divorce Mediation and Post-Decree Mediation for all of Colorado.

All About The Littles Stuck In The Middle.™

We Assist With

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Divorce Mediation

You want to divorce. Don't let your hurt feelings and negative emotions make your separation harder than it should be; we can help set your family up for success.

From parenting plans that support the children to asset division that support the spouses, we CAN handle everything!

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Post-decree Mediation

We provide insightful guidance and solutions to benefit the family. We develop parenting plan modifications, child support modifications or sometimes both.

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Supervised Visitation

We typically get your case scheduled within days. Your children's safety is of the utmost importance, and something we take very seriously. We provide off-site, in-home supervised parenting time for you and your child(ren) in a natural environment. Quality reports, expert testimony.

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Parenting Coordinator/decision Maker (PC/DM)

We help by coaching both parties to communicate better, so you can come to consensus. If needed, we can decide as a decision-maker; mitigating the conflict between the parties. This allows for greater input on your part than using the courts to determine your issue.

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We can mediate your situation to a resolution that is mutually acceptable to both parties. If a decision is not reached, then an additional process can be used called arbitration. Arbitration functions like a court hearing, informally, with an award (decision) in less than a week. This results in a fair decision for both parties quickly and avoids a drawn-out conflict.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We allow the parties to hold the floor, speak their truth about what they want out of the process of mediation. Sharing their perspective.

  • The mediator shall when needed, ask clarifying questions.

  • We provide legal information.

  • We also come up with how the judicial system and or lawyers might view issues.

  • A fair conversation about support issues like child and spousal maintenance (alimony)

  • Identifies different approaches to solve issues. Outside of the box thinking.

  • If there are 3rd party experts needed, referring out to professionals like home appraisals.

The parties agree to proceed with a collaborative process that involves both parties throughout. The deposit invoices and agreements shall be sent out electronically and remitted electronically in most cases.

The parties and the mediator meet in as many sessions as it takes usually 4 at the most, for a divorce, a minimum of two hours each. The first meeting shall be to discuss what needs to be worked on, information gathering, and sharing of that gathered information. The post-decree mediation may take up to 3 hours to complete.

The subsequent meetings revolving on compromising on all of the issues to meet the parties’ needs and your children. This is where we provide typical solutions the courts provide regarding your situation.

Then we draft your agreements that you submit to the courts for the eventual adoption of the agreements into court orders.

After the parties have agreed on the mediator the first step in the process is to have the mediator introduce the parties for their attendance, outlines the key points to the mediation process, and what the dispute(s) are. The ground rules for a productive process.

There is a sharing of perspectives. Each party has the floor during this part of the process, the rest of us listen. Feelings are permissible at this point. We look for shared interests throughout the process. We start here.

The mediator frequently translates what the parties because of difficulty when stressed. We try to understand what has happened then what are the parties seeking.

If emotions are hard to keep in check the mediator shall use the caucus function, essentially a private conversation with each party. Fundamentally, the caucuses are confidential.

Once the parties have been heard the negotiations are front and center. Building on shared interests is the foundation of any successful negotiation.

Some of the agreements will be a win-win, some will be barely tolerable. The outcome shall be better than potential litigation.

Usually within a few days. Both parties must remit deposits, agreements to mediate be signed, both electronically.

Total cost for entire case.

A divorce mediation may not exceed $2,500

A post-decree mediation may not exceed $800

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Our experience based on years of training, hard work, and passion, as well as familiarity with divorce, dividing up the marital estate and child custody/supervised parenting time issues. You’ll find all that and more at SB Mediation Center.

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