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Mediation / Arbitration

SB Mediation Center is here to help mediate or arbitrate on your situation, keeping the welfare of the children forefront in your case. We genuinely want you to come to a resolution through mediation. It is the best way to get to a fair resolution. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t possible. 

What is the difference between mediation versus arbitration?

Mediation is voluntary and self-determined. You are the ones deciding what course and steps to take for your separation. If mediation is unsuccessful, then we turn to arbitration in an additional session. In arbitration, We act as a judge and make a decision that is equitable. All decisions through mediation/arbitration are court filed and binding.

Our methods and strategies can help get you and your children through your divorce and common custody issues that arise. For example property division, parenting time, overnights and personal preference issues. We can help reduce the time from a failed mediation to a resolution to gain quick closure of the dispute.

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Our experience based on years of training, hard work, and passion, as well as familiarity with divorce, dividing up the marital estate and child custody/supervised parenting time issues. You’ll find all that and more at SB Mediation Center.

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