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About Scott

Divorce Mediator
family & domestic Relations
Senior Mediator
Parenting Coordinator/decision-maker
Private Parenting Supervisor

As a non-attorney mediator, Scott does not use the “same old” approach. Instead, he asks mediation participants “How can I help you?” Scott has walked the walk and talked the talk. His personal experiences with family conflict and divorce has allowed him to conscientiously perceive different ways to resolve family law issues with as little harm as possible to the parties and their children.

Mr. Methling changed careers in his 40’s and took the mediation field by storm. Scott’s 40-hours of mediation training was followed by 60 hours of domestic violence training. His mediation sessions implement a unique combination of active listening with empathy, attention, and respect, as a result of his approach, the parties are heard and feel understood.

Success immediately followed as Scott was named Parenting/Child Support Mediator of the Year three years in a row. He also regularly shares his insights into mediation by presenting at various practice groups. He was involved with Jefferson County Mediation Services and he is part of the Denver Metro Interdisciplinary Committee and Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee.

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