Creating Safe, Quality, Supervised Parenting Time In Denver And Surrounding Areas
Our goal is to provide children and parents with a safe and secure environment that allows for non-conflict interactions.

Supervised Visitation is a process where we, as a third-party expert, monitor visits between children and a parent or designated party to ensure contact between all parties remain safe and meaningful.

All visits are supervised to provide stress reduction during a difficult time. Your case is being handled by a neutral, trained professional to help the children and the parents when needed.

How To Get Started With Mediation

To get started with mediation follow these steps.

  • Speak with your partner and make sure that both parties agree to mediation. Mediation cannot happen without both parties agreeing to it as a mediator does not represent one person over the other.
  • Discuss and select a reliable Denver Divorce Mediator.
  • Call us 720-295-8225 or email us to request a consultation.
  • A small deposit is required per person.
  • Sessions are pay as you go hourly with a 2 hour minimum.
We Have Completed The Optional 24-hour Supervision Visitation Network Certificate Training

Our team is members of the Supervised Visitation Network and Supervised Visitation Directory.

The Basics Of Supervised Visitation In Colorado

How Supervised Parental Visits Work

The focus is to facilitate healthy interactions with the parent and child to not fracture the parent-child bond.

Typically, visits are court-ordered by a Judge or Magistrate due to safety concerns where a supervised visitation specialist is employed in domestic relations IE: divorce or post-decree, dependency, and neglect cases. Additionally, the orders from the courts or stipulation may outline the fee allocation, days, and times of the visits.

We also create safe exchanges for the drop-offs and pickups. The last thing we want is your child feeling any anxiety during this part of the process.

Where Do Supervised Visits Take Place?

We supervise the visits in the home or the community. Having the same provider work your case adds some consistency that may help the children.

It adds to the success of supervision, ultimately the children.

Options for supervised visit locations are:

  • Supervised parents’ home
  • Community location
  • Parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Bowling alleys
  • Sporting events, etc.

With each visit, a report is generated. They are very basic as we are focused on monitoring the visit rather than taking notes in order to not miss anything during the visit. We are the eyes and ears for all parties to the case. These reports may be shared with your attorney and read into the court record.

Providing a neutral, trained, empathic, professional supervision experience for all involved is the bottom line. We have been helping families for years and will do so for many more. Here to answer any questions you may have at any point in the process. We are here for all through this potentially traumatic time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supervised visits can be ordered during divorce proceedings, separations, or child service investigations. Sometimes supervised visits can be requested for a 3rd party professional to take a look at the interaction between the parent and kids.

We are trained to supervise court-ordered visits and can assist in enabling healthy, parent-child interactions.

It’s another word for supervised custody or supervised parenting time in which the parent must have an authorized Supervised person monitoring their visit with their child.

There is no clear, defined age on when a child may refuse to see a parent in Colorado. We will attempt to figure out in an empathetic, gentle way what the child’s reasoning is to refuse visits with the supervised parent. Supervisors are to encourage a visit, not force it.

With an agreed-upon supervisor, we will attempt to figure out the reasoning behind the refusal to see the children. Again, we cannot force a visit. If there are enough visits that are not followed through we will notify the courts and then we may withdraw from the case.

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