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COVID and Online Mediation

Mediation/Arbitration and Arbitration

Online Mediation During COVID Pandemic

Mediation, Mediation/Arbitration and Arbitration fall under the umbrella of Alternative Dispute Resolution, (ADR).

We have been restricted to our homes because of a potentially devastating virus. On so many levels it is debilitating and quite frankly hard to do. Nevertheless, we have no choice.

Essentially, Colorado’s court service has shut down. There might be nothing worse than unresolved cases for the parties and their families.

We have been mediating electronically for years. Currently, we are using the ZOOM platform. We send out emails for billing via SquareRegister, our agreement to mediate via AdobeSign, document requests, intakes, etc. There is no reason for you to leave the comfort of your home.

We are experienced with the electronic format, successfully resolving cases in mediation, mediation/arbitration, and pure arbitration format.

A few key points to remember for any online mediation.

  • Confidentiality is a different mechanism when you are in your home attending an online mediation. It is very important to ensure other parties aren’t in earshot or even in the house while you are mediating online.
  • Focusing. It’s an important concept that’s more difficult to achieve when you are in your own environment. What helps me is if I put my hands up near my eyes like blinders.
  • The technology you use is very important. A very good data connection is necessary to share your screen with the mediator while they are being drafted or exchanged between the parties, etc. Otherwise, there will be lots of problems with the choppy screen or a worse yet frozen screen.

With ZOOM there is still the ability to caucus in separate rooms when anyone feels the need for a private discussion.

We have been helping families resolve their differences for years for the benefit of their children. Find out how we can help you resolve your differences in a new manner.

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