Private Parenting Time Supervision and Safe Exchanges

I am a rarity in the world of supervised parenting time providers. I am a male with an added bonus: a large undeniable presence. I provide off-site in-home supervised parenting time for you and your child(ren). The court order or what you both decide together shall guide the method that I employ. I can provide a report for each visit depending on the needs of your situation. We can customize your supervision for the needs of parent and child(ren).

The in-home setting is more natural than an onsite location. It provides a less confusing interaction between parent and child(ren). I will travel and bill conservatively for Front Range locations.

Off-Site supervised Parenting Time is where the children and parent go out from the home to various places like movies, parks, malls, restaurants, zoo, etc.

I am are available for any time of the day or evening to facilitate healthy parenting time between child(ren) and parents.

I am also available for safe exchanges.

Reports are available upon request and court testimony as well.