Parenting Coordinator/Domestic Relations Decision Maker (PC/DM)

I have been trained by the best in the business for PC/DM, Christie Coates and Kate McNamara. My role as a PC/DM initially is a Parenting Coordinator role to assess the level of conflict between the parents and the relationships with the children and work with the parents in a neutral fashion, the problem-solving role for them to adopt strategies for better communication. When I coach the parents for improved communication. Example, reviewing prior parent to parent communication to see what parent is triggering what parent  Maybe both are triggering the other. I acknowledge solutions that address the issues that have not been addressed until that point.

If those strategies do not get implemented by the parents then I change hats essentially becoming the Decision Maker. Again, assessing the situation through a bilateral meeting (hopefully both attend, not necessarily together) and I gather additional information from the parents at the evidentiary meeting. I take the evidence of both parents and make a ruling and subsequent order clarifying the current parenting plan order in the best interest of the child(ren), neutrally. The order (award) is binding upon my drafting and signing of the order.

The parents have the ability to have the courts (de novo) review my decisions.

Ultimately I would not like to have to rule on parents, however, they sometimes cannot remove the conflict from their relationship and need my assistance to stay away from the courts, additional litigation and help the children.

My duty is to the children, not the parents and to The Best Interests of the Child Standard in Colorado § 14-10-124.