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Sorry we have not been around to post any information as of late, been in many mediations helping conflicted parties come to resolution. And to be candid some not.

What we have learned as a competent mediator in the last several months? Many things. We are not the deciders in anything, period. We like that role, I can decide as an Arbitrator or Parenting Coordinator/Domestic Relations Decision Maker, PC/DM for short however I much rather facilitate an agreement for you to embrace to follow through with in the best interests of your family.

We are an options generator not too many parties know about, how to talk to each other (unfortunately), (generally the conflict diminishes every year after the dissolution is final) how to divide assets, what to do with the biggest asset generally the martial home and just about anything else you’d like to discuss that is important to you and the both of you.

We are poised and ready to assist you with all of your most difficult situations. Luckily, we have been leading the pack for resolutions and we are very thankful for this. The hard work is paying off. 

I am introducing Marta Cary Skovrinski to the team. Marta has been in the ADR field as a mediator for 6 years, has a Masters in Dispute Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University in Omaha. Might I add highly regarded in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Additionally, she does a fantastic job listening to the parties at the table and feels her career path is a calling as well. Lastly, she has been awarded the Domestic Relations Mediator for Jefferson County Mediation Services in 2016 and 2017.

We are planning offering soon a co-mediation option that is gender balanced. This makes both parties comfortable, no perceived gender bias, leading to more parties focused on resolution. Not worrying about if they are being heard, etc. The cost is definitely not as much as you would expect for two excellent mediators. 

Call on us for all of your Domestic Relations situations: divorce, post-decree, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), allocation of parental rights (custody).

We have moved to the Tech Center! Right on I25 and Bellview.



              What Have We Been Cooking Up?

             What Have We Been Cooking Up?