Why Use SBMediationLLC Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation

Most divorce cases are heated and contentious.  By the time the decision to divorce has been made both parties are exhausted and depleted.  Filling out paperwork, hiring lawyers, and trying to keep it peaceful can be very stressful.  If you have kids then you can add their stress and wellbeing to your growing list of things to worry about. 

I used mediation during my divorce and realized that it was an invaluable tool for helping people.  I wanted to give back and so I have worked hard for the past few years developing partnerships and a style of mediation that works to reduce stress for all parties.  

Although some conflicts won't end in a resolution, I will try everything in my professional capacity to help you reach agreement.   Some of the things that make me great are: 

  • 10 accessible locations around the Denver Metro area.
  • Scheduling is easy. I can get you in today if you like.
  • High levels of communication and transparency 
  • I handle all aspects of the process. Intake, payment, scheduling
  • I was awarded JeffCo Mediator of the Year for 2014 and 2015
  • Commanding room management skills
  • My rates are competitive and I will work with you to keep it within reach.  I want to help. 
  • I possess evaluative, facilitative, and transformative mediation styles using all of them seamlessly
  • I am a private mediator and I pride myself in being able to provide personal attention.  I am happy to meet with you quickly and privately
  • I work nights and weekends to keep your hectic schedule less complicated

Put the power of your divorce in your hands.  The mediation process is solution based and focused on helping people through a big life change.  I have been through this and firmly believe that peacekeeping is a valuable tool in all conflict. 


Eleven locations in the Denver metro area

720 295 8224