Divorce Mediation and the Parenting Plan.

divorce mediation - parenting plan

Divorce Mediation and the Parenting Plan

Divorce Mediation is considered one of the best ways for divorcing parents to negotiate agreements about their children. Although the marital love is gone, mutual trust and respect should still exist to some degree in order for mediation to be successful. Sharing concerns parent to parent about what is best for your children produces a far better outcome than leaving decisions to the court. All aspects that determine the children’s best interests can be addressed in mediation such as the age of the children, the wishes of each parent, the mental and physical health of parents and children, the ability to provide a loving stable home and the cooperation from parent to parent to support each other in the parenting process.

If one parent wants to relocate, perhaps to another state, a parenting schedule can still be drafted through mediation taking into consideration obvious factors such as school, summer and vacation time and the ages of the children. In the case of living long distance, flights and other transportation costs are usually divided in proportion to each parent’s income. If, for example, one parent lives in Denver and the other in Colorado Springs, pick-up and drop-off drive time is shared equally.

If confirmed issues exist such as substance addiction, physical or mental abuse, mental illness or any other compromising behavior, mediation alone may be not be plausible as these may surface in the conduct of the afflicted during sessions causing distress and flared-up tempers. Under these conditions, fair negotiation is nearly impossible. Evaluation of the behavioral issue may become necessary and court proceedings may need to be initiated.

Mediation is a less expensive and more effective way to untangle emotional knots clearing the way for amicable agreement specific to both parties needs. 

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