Divorce Mediation and You.

divorce mediation

Will I Be Financially OK After Divorce?

The key is to be prepared before divorce. You can avoid a lot of worry and aggravation by planning ahead before you sign the official papers.

Start saving money.

Expenses will increase especially if there are legal fees and new rent/mortgage among various other expenses to pay. If you’re a woman, you may find your standard of living drops if you are not employed and are still sharing in child-rearing costs. If you are not employed but need to be, or need a higher career income, perhaps talking to a career coach or employment counselor will help.

Know your finances.

Obtain copies of all financial records before the divorce process begins such as investment accounts, bank statements, credit card statements, property deeds, insurance policies, wills, trusts, loan applications and tax returns. Know what your name is attached to. If you have an inheritance from your family, complete documentation of it will help ensure it stays with you.

Take control during the divorce process.

Don’t shy away from taking an active role. Be a negotiator and question everything. Take part in the decision making as it will help in the recovery process. By being in control, you will walk out more secure and with much higher self esteem.

Control emotion.

Make smart decisions and don’t act with revenge in mind. Negotiate for the things that will benefit you in the long run. If you’re not the type to rock the boat, don’t make the mistake of giving away what’s yours. This is about survival and you need the assets that will see you through, post divorce.

Consider the services of a Divorce Mediator.

Divorce mediators are much more affordable than lawyers, and they help divorcing parties come to agreement regarding division of assets, finances and parenting. By using a mediator, you are directing your own future instead of a judge directing it for you.


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