SBMediationLLC Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation

You have filed for divorce/dissolution and ordered to mediate at least once or…

The conflict with your spouse/ex-spouse it is not resolving on its own, you realize there is a need to resolve it with an experienced third party neutral.

Contact via email or phone call I shall email an Agreement to Mediate to both of you. Both parties please read, understand, sign and send back. Ask questions if need be.

Furnish Case Management Fee $150/each, and then we can set mediation at your most convenient Denver location.

I shall send out the information to you for gathering information for filling out the court forms.

First mediation session normally is scheduled for two hours, more if both of you are able to go longer. Generally, mediations happen on a weekly basis until resolved.

Generally, I have document preparation between sessions. Parties generally have homework between sessions. 

Depending on the level of conflict, it may take up to three sessions to complete Parenting Plan negotiations, three sessions for the Separation Agreement negotiations.

As each session evolves, scribe what you both agree to in essence, drafting the final documents away from the mediation table, saving you time in session.

Final document review making sure I have captured what you both want in your agreements.

Avoid court

Closure for all involved.

Eleven locations in the Denver metro area

720 295 8224