divorce 101 - divorce mediation

Divorce 101

Definition: Dissolution, termination of a contract or other legal relationship.

Colorado is a no fault state regarding divorce. 

We at SBMediationLLC dispense legal information to help you decide on what you want to do. Thanks Ric Morgan!!

Filling out and filing the petition and case information sheet with the court in which you reside starts the legal process. It technically a lawsuit, serious provisions are enacted in the dissolution process.

The mandatory waiting period after filing the divorce petition is 90 days in Colorado. If all documents are complete your Decree may be entered on or after the 91st day, or at the conclusion of your contested hearing (unresolved issues) if you want to fight it out and let a third party decide your outcome.  

Almost always you will be ordered (told) to mediate, (sometimes twice before a judicial officer will hear your case) When you mediate with us we will draft all of your agreements you need for the courts. Parties who mediate with us typically can finish in less than two, three-hour sessions.

The law is black and white. Mediation addresses the gray of life.

If one spouse wants a divorce and files the proper petition and case information sheet, the divorce will happen.

Domestic Relations/Family Law/Divorce Court are all the same thing.

Divorce court is a court of equity.

Do you need to hire an attorney, no?  Can you bring your attorney absolutely! We even recommend that you get your agreements looked over by an experienced licensed attorney for extra peace of mind. We have those quality referrals for your convenience. 

95% of divorce courts are cluttered with emotional issues, not legal ones. The courts are not equipped to assist with emotional issues.