co - mediation works

Co-mediation is a type of mediation in which two consummate professionals assist with a dispute(s). Based on the circumstance and preferences during the dispute, professionals are thoughtfully constructed to create the best team for your individual situation.

Much like gender preferences of professionals in one's medical care, some parties are most comfortable in a gender-balanced team at the mediation table. Parties may feel more thoroughly heard when in a male to male or female to a female situation. Different genders often have different perceptions and perspectives.

Another way of creating a more comfortable situation for parties is having an attorney and non-attorney balanced team. Some people like the comfort of having the best of both having a non-dictative environment with a mediation professional working in both parties' best interest and an attorney with accredited legal expertise while drafting mediation agreements. Now we are able to offer that wholesome and all-inclusive experience!

The rate is more affordable than you think!  Usually divisible by both parties evenly.